US Poker Sites is a guide for Americans looking for US poker sites in April of 2014.


uS poker sites - A guide to online poker rooms that accept U.S.A. players in 2014

online poker usa 2014Updated In April, 2018 - Playing poker online is something that millions of Americans and an estimated 25 million people do world-wide in 2014. Some people still unwittingly claim that online poker is a scam. Their lack of knowledge on the subject somehow surpasses the collective experience of millions of people. There have been some scam rooms but there have also been some banks that scammed people and investment firms that scammed people. I've never really heard someone say "Banks are a scam" or "Investing money is a scam" but oh well, to each their own. Perhaps the naysayers will change their mind when online poker for real money is regulated and licensed in the state theu live in, as it is in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. My own home state of Illinois, California and Texas - three of the largest states - are expected to have legal and licensed online poker by 2015. I don't really like to say that they will have "legal poker" because it really isn't illegal right now. It is not something that you are ever going to get so much as a ticket for doing. Not a single American ever has in the last 15 years and I doubt that will change, especially with more and more states pushing for a regulated online poker market. There was a congrssional hearing about the legality of online poker in the USA a few years back and I recall a senator asking the federal official - who was anti-poker- if playing online poker for real money was illegal, if it was a crime. The federal official certainly wanted to say that Internet poker was a crime but he couldn't. He simply said that it was a grey area and that he really didn't know. My point is that Americans can and do play poker online in 2014. There are a dozen lisenced US poker sites in 2014 but you have to be within one of the states mentioned above to play. These rooms are very small traffic-wise and are generally not worth playing at.

Then there are around 100 offshore poker sites accepting US players in 2014. Bet Online Poker is one of my favorites and they have more traffic than every licensed Internet poker room for US citizens combined. Betonline Poker's software is mediocre in many respects but it is still better than most of the regulated rooms. I have listed the best USA poker sites in 2014 below. It only takes a few minutes to signup - which is free - so there is no need to deposit or anything. All of these USA friendly poker rooms run free to enter poker tournaments - Texas Hold'em usually - that have real money prize pools so you can win real money without a deposit. Some of these freerolls only pay out $50 but others have $5,000-$10,000 prize pools. Freerolling can be boring but if you are new to online poker they will be amazing. I do want tomention one last thing. I only work with U.S. poker sites that pay out in under 10 days. These rooms generally pay out in 1-3 days for Western Union or Moneygram and 4-10 days for checks, typically delivered by Fedex or UPS or DHL. These are the fastest paying online poker sites for USA players in 2014. I put more importance on quick cashouts than I do on bonuses or software.

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USA Internet Poker - The best online Poker sites for U.S. players in 2014

usa poker rooms 2014One of the main reasons for why poker players choose online rooms rather than land-based casinos besides convenience, is that they seek the ultimate gaming experience. When you play from the comfort of your home, you can enjoy the highest standards and tweak the gaming environment, so that it better serves your needs. The fact that the best poker sites for USA citizens in 2014 also offer generous first deposit bonuses and various loyalty schemes is a strong argument in favor of choosing them.

The matters are further complicated for American players by the unfavorable legislation, with those who reside within the US borders having additional obstacles to overcome. The less perseverant ones are inclined to settle for less just to enjoy the opportunity of playing their favorite game online. The good news is that with a minimal research, anyone can stumble upon a reliable operatore such as Bet Online Poker which has built a solid reputation over the last couple of years.

There is more than meets the eye about this poker room, which has diversified its offer so that it now encompasses both sports betting cash online casino games. Poker represents their best-selling point, with a first deposit bonus that can hit the ceiling of $2500, for a total of 200% the investment. Further 200 Promo Bucks are credited to the players’ account for every $50 deposited and customers don't need to worry about wasting time to cash out their profits.

While security, a user-friendly interface and speedy deposit and withdrawal methods should rank high at any priority list, a diversified collection of games is what differentiates regular operators from top poker websites. It goes without saying that players should opt freely between tournaments, sit and goes and the immensely popular cash games. Furthermore, both beginners and highrollers should get the chance to showcase their skills and play against competitors that are evenly matched.

SportsBetting Poker does exactly that for its customers and raises the antes by offering another type of tournament that is very popular among beginners. Free rolls are played following the exact rules as regular tournaments, with the difference residing in the fact that participants don't have to pay a dime. These tournaments have their own prize pool and even though the amounts are significantly lower than the ones amassed as a result of buying in for a regular competition, freebies are always welcomed.

Regardless of the type of poker they choose, players should be able to decide between playing at full ring tables or shorthanded versions. This applies to both cash games and tournaments, with the vast majority of players preferring the shorthanded tables. The reason is that here action is fast-paced and those who are not afraid to take the initiative and play aggressive poker have a lot to gain. On the other hand, full ring tables favor those who are more patient and focus on extracting small profits on the long run. I will update with the latest USA online poker rooms, bonuses and news in 2014.